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A Qua Si parl U Dialett

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'A  Qua Si Parl U Dialett' is an online show, a place to celebrate all Italian dialects on YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram.

'A Qua Si Parl U Dialett' means: 'Here, we speak in dialect!'

Tina Mancini is from Montreal, Canada; her parents were born in Italy. Her mother was born in San Bartolomeo in Galdo (Benevento) and her father was from San Pietro in Fine (Caserta), both in the Campania region. Tina grew up speaking the 'Neapolitan' dialect with her grandmother, father, and other relatives.

Following  her grandparents' and her father's passing, she wondered if she would ever speak her dialect again... With whom?

That's how 'A Qua Si Parl U Dialett' came to be! It's  a  place where we can speak our dialects together and where we can laugh and cherish our rich dialect culture together.

Join our mailing list, follow us on TikTok, Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram, and let's celebrate our dialects together!  We also have monthly lives with guests who share their different dialects and culture with us!

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Ciao uagliu!


San Bartolomeo in Galdo (200 x 200 px).png

 And be the first to know when there is a live, new video, and other exciting projects!

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